the secret of the lizards (2012)

-follow the dark red brick road
-over the abyss
-walk On
-no winter anymore

total length - 65:44 -




recreation of the dub (2005)


CD1 - 62:10 -
-worst day party
-there are two of them
-who is between the two winds
-san francisco '72 revisited
-miracle of love

CD2 - 51:20 -
-he who has the picture has the message
-everything is good wish
-there are two of them (thoughts run in circles)

The DVA universe is undeniably one of very focused concepts developed by musicians that have matured and developed their own, very individual musical languages. Let them take you on a highly enjoyable journey through galaxies no human soul has ever travelled. "Recreation Of The Dub" is a sound experience no one who loves music should miss.

Allan Markievich, art critic and author of the forthcoming book Babylon And The Red Dragon.

New York, April 2005